The State of Business IT 2020

- October 20, 2020

Exploring the IT trends and challenges


Our new report, The State of Business IT 2020, examines the road ahead for IT decision-makers in the wake of the pandemic, as they balance the demands of business resilience, financial responsibility and sustainability.

For many companies, the IT department was the unsung hero of the crisis, playing a pivotal role in a rapid transition to remote working. Now, a big shift is underway - 84% of companies purchased additional IT to enable employees to work at home, and 60% plan to continue to allow this flexibility.


The change has a left huge number of desktop PCs sitting idle in offices across Europe - stretching IT budgets and potentially accelerating the global electronic waste (e-waste) crisis.


According the UN Global E-waste Monitor, 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste are generated globally every year - the equivalent of throwing away 1,000 laptops every second. And while the full impact of lockdown still remains to be seen, indications are it could spell disaster for the planet, with widespread uncertainty existing among businesses about how to dispose of this obsolete IT responsibly. 


Of the businesses surveyed, 36% admitted they did not know where their e-waste ended up. One in 10 confessed to dumping old technology in landfill, suggesting the devices abandoned during the pandemic could add to growing levels of harmful business e-waste.


The demand for climate action hasn’t gone away, and as we emerge from the crisis, businesses will have to respond. Sustainable IT management can be a big part of the solution.


Leading decision-makers are rethinking their asset management strategies and over half of organisations are now likely to finance their assets, putting access to the right technology ahead of traditional ownership.


Technology Lifecycle Management is a simple solution that makes it possible to balance the demand for flexible working, growing environmental challenges and stretched IT budgets. It’s better for business, and better for the planet.


  • Flexible working and the impact of Covid-19
  • Electronic waste and the need for sustainable IT 
  • Access vs ownership – a new way to acquire and manage IT

Start your journey towards sustainable IT today. 

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