Stepping up
for Sustainability


Stepping up for Sustainability

At 3 Step IT, we sell sustainable solutions. We build our promises around the circular economy and preach about the CO2 savings each reused laptop generates. But how environmentally friendly are the daily actions of our employees?

5th of June is World Environment Day and therefore an important day for all of us. Since its establishment by the United Nations in 1974, World Environment Day has been a celebration of our unique planet and an opportunity to spread awareness on how to protect it.

3 Step IT plogging

We want to make the circular economy a reality, and this means that we need to also make it a reality internally at 3 Step IT. In celebration of World Environment Day, we encourage all 3Steppers to do their bit for sustainability, during a two-week environmental challenge. Plogging, cycling to work and vegetarian food will be on the plate
when we take on the mission.


This year’s theme for World Environment Day is to beat air pollution. We can’t stop breathing but we can do something to the quality of the air we breathe.

91% of all the people in the world do not breathe clean air and over 7 million people die each year because of exposure to polluted air. Poor air quality has been linked to severe health problems,
such as cancer, heart diseases, strokes and asthma. Air pollution is also strongly connected to environmental issues; climate change and global warming.

Air pollution is a significant problem, especially in low and middle income countries, and although the skies may seem clear in other parts of the world, clean air should not be taken for granted anywhere. This is why we need to act now.

We challenge you

We challenge each 3Stepper to participate but we also want to challenge you to do good on World Environment Day. Even if it is as simple and easy as choosing a bike over a car. You choose how you can help #BeatAirPollution. New sustainable habits start with small changes and we need everybody on board. 

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