The Story of 3 Step IT

- March 19, 2019

Each company has a story. The story tells us where the company is coming from, who they are and where they are going. This is the story of 3 Step IT.


Our company was born when two guys had an idea. In 1997 managing and reusing IT equipment was undoubtedly an innovation, and the term circular economy didn’t even exist. The game-changing idea of reusing IT equipment lead to the birth of a completely new business and a completely new business model. 3 Step IT was founded, as the name says, on 3 steps of IT lifecycle: acquisition, management and replacement. On the edge of the new millennium, this early understanding of sustainable thinking made us pioneers in the field.


Our founders did not know, if they would succeed, but they were willing to take the risk. This attitude of taking controlled risks is still with us as we take our growth leaps. Although our roots are deep in the Finnish ground, the width of the challenges 3 Step IT hoped to solve meant we couldn’t restrict our operations to just one country. Thus, internationalisation was never just a choice – it was the only option for developing and spreading the awareness of circular IT.



What started as two men’s shared idea for IT lifecycle management has matured into a leading player in the circular economy, with over 350 employees and 4,000 customers globally. Nowadays 3 Step IT is operating in 10 different countries and a new partnership with BNP Paribas will extend our sustainable services across Europe.


Data breaches, environmental threats and other global crises have made solutions based on sustainability vital. The circular economy is a central theme in digital innovations and sustainable business is a mega trend of today.



Innovation and game-changing solutions are needed also in the future. In 20 years 3 Step IT has grown and developed to a service led technology lifecycle company, and we still have more ground to cover.


Central to our business is a forward looking mindset, passion for what we do, and learning and progressing every single day. Sustainable business, responsible operations and innovative development are values which are deeply encoded in our DNA, and we will keep on working towards global business growth and making the circular economy a reality in the years to come.  

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