Sustainability – an enabler of economic growth


Sustainability an enabler of economic growth

Sustainability isn’t just some trendy piece of 21 century business jargon. It’s a practical choice: a way to make money without damaging the environment.

While the use of mobile devices grows and technology advances continue, millions of used devices turn into electronic waste. Studies show that less than 20 percent of users sell or trade-in their old technology when upgrading to a new device. If not sold, old devices are usually stored for a time and eventually thrown away. It’s a missed opportunity: there is still huge potential value in the remaining 80 percent. That is why, taking social responsibility with a sustainable business approach helps to save our environment, and it may make some money for your business at the same time.

For many people, the belief that no one will pay for pre-owned equipment prevents them from trying. It seems too much bother when there are so many used devices available. The truth is that after a thorough data wipe and cleaning, your old devices still have many years of useful life ahead – and there is always someone willing to put them to use.

At 3 Step IT we want to spread the word about the potential of the circular economy and help businesses to make money while making more sustainable choices. So we launched a ‘Cash-for-scrap’ campaign.
It helps realise the hidden potential of the used devices lying around homes and workplaces, posing a data security hazard, and serving no purpose.We offer a service that securely turns your old devices into cash.

While there is a global demand for more affordable technology, why wouldn’t you sell your old IT assets? Do it for the sake of the environment, and for the good of your business.

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What is the Circular Economy?

If you want to learn more about the circular economy, start on the topic here: 3 Step IT´s Circular Economy whitepaper.