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Security It's never just data – minimise the leaks

Is the data in your retired devices secured? See the top 3 things to consider!

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Responsibility GDPR – what is it and how to prepare?

Learn all you need to know about GDPR. Watch our most popular webinar ever!

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Productivity Could you save more on IT?

IT leasing is the upcoming trend. See how much you could save. Try our calculator.

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GDPR: Secure your IT-Antiques

Data protection and security are now more topical than ever. You should handle old IT equipment appropriately in order to avoid the risk of getting sensitive information into the wrong hands.

Safe reuse at the core of 3 Step IT

For 3 Step IT and our customers, security is everything. From the moment the items leave the customer’s hands until we have processed it, security is the highest priority. This is why our facilities get security classifications with employees undergoing both rigorous security exercises and...

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How proper IT hardware disposal boosts data security

According to the 2018 State of IT report from Spiceworks , nearly half (44%) of companies expect to see a rise in IT budgets this year, while 43% predict they will remain the same as in 2017. Comparing this data to previous IT spend trends, TechRepublic believes we have entered an IT hardware...

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The most overlooked step in data security

In the debut episode of Prison Break, protagonist Michael Scofield tosses a hard drive into the Chicago Bay. Unfortunately for him, the water damage is not enough to keep his private plans private. The FBI fishes up the drive and recovers most of its data, thus seriously hindering Scofield’s plans...

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Circular IT – smart, secure and sustainable

Once you have upgraded your IT products, such as laptops, screens, or servers, the job is done and everything is taken care of. The old PCs, clunky mobiles and worn-out printers are shoved into a warehouse to gather dust. What we do not always realise is that, apart from dust, the products may...

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Surfing on the green IT-wave

Article: Grunde Grimsland. Originally published in Finansavisen on 07 May 2018 An increasing appetite for "green IT" in business and attention surrounding GDPR results in rapid growth for the IT-leasing company 3 Step IT. The IT-leasing company 3 Step IT, which commemorated 20 years in 2017, was...

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Advancing the circular IT – 3 Step IT invests in a new facility

More and more companies are aware that refurbishment improves possibilities for secure IT reuse and recycling. Failing to manage data securely can cause serious damage to an organisation. When previously old computers were left lying around in offices, now we understand the security risk they pose...

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What is a circular economy?

What is a circular economy? The “produce, use, discard” mentality of linear economy is coming to an end. We have reached a turning point in which the concept of a circular economy is on the forefront. This new model of “produce, use, reuse and recycle” becomes an increasingly important as we run...

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Your GDPR project is on the way. Have you considered everything?

All of the noise and information on GDPR to date has revolved around data governance and the day-to-day management of data. However, whilst this is undoubtedly important, there’s so much more to GDPR. We’ve built a 3-block check-list , you can use as part of your GDPR preparation. It’s designed to...

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3 Step IT listed as one of the most interesting companies in the circular economy in Finland

Sitra – a fund created for the advancement of Finland’s sustainable well-being – has published its third listing of most interesting Finnish companies in the circular economy. 3 Step IT is again on the list with 97 other companies. With their solutions, the companies on the list show how profitable...

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Is the world finally ready for the circular economy

The 4th industrial revolution is driven by The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and other advanced computing technologies. But what makes this revolution complete is a new attitude towards re-using and re-cycling the IT devices so central to our modern world...

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There are approximately 2 billion PCs in the world. Every minute, hundreds of new smartphones are sold. This burdens our globe. The solution is simple – we need to learn to reuse.

We help your company to keep IT devices in efficient use for as long as possible, and – at the end of their service life – we will provide them a new, meaningful life.


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