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Security It's never just data – minimise the leaks

Is the data in your retired devices secured? See the top 3 things to consider!

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Responsibility GDPR – what is it and how to prepare?

Learn all you need to know about GDPR. Watch our most popular webinar ever!

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Productivity Could you save more on IT?

IT leasing is the upcoming trend. See how much you could save. Try our calculator.

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GDPR: Secure your IT-Antiques

Data protection and security are now more topical than ever. You should handle old IT equipment appropriately in order to avoid the risk of getting sensitive information into the wrong hands.

Keeping technological globetrotters in the loop

Did you know that your device might visit tens if not hundreds of countries during its lifetime, despite only surviving to the age of four? The prospect of a circular economy seems to be gaining ground. On a global scale, there have been significant advances towards closing the loop – countries and...

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Cycling for saves?

Why should you cycle to work, when driving takes you only a half an hour? Four factors that make driving to work dangerous Finland has the world’s cleanest air , according to World Health Organisation. Still, every year I feel devastated by the polluted dust clouds caused by car traffic during...

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Walk the Talk

We see it in our everyday lives, on the news, in the papers and on ¨the social media. The practises human race built over time, manufacturing new products and developing our world of consumption have resulted in a dying planet. The culture and habits of the planet’s people have such a dramatic...

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Challenging companies to a circular economy

While consumers can ultimately vote with their feet and thus, define the fate of the circular economy, companies play a crucial role in helping consumers make the leap to closed loop. It takes a considerable amount of time for your brain and body to be rewired for a new routine. But in the case of...

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Technology just for the sake of technology?

It’s no secret that in an increasingly more digitalised world, companies are forced to invest in state of the art technology in order to stay relevant and keep their competitive edge. Technology just for the sake of technology is money down the drain. Technology for the sake of efficiency on the...

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3 Step IT recognised for “Best use of data”

3 Step IT has won the category of “Best use of data” in Equipment finance category in the International Asset Finance Network Awards. The winners were announced at the IAFN Awards Dinner on 13 September 2018. According to the IAFN “The aim of this award is to recognise the company that, in the...

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Jason Skidmore appointed as 3 Step IT’s Chief Sales Officer

Jason Skidmore has been appointed as 3 Step IT Group’s Chief Sales Officer, effective immediately. Previously Jason worked as Managing Director of 3 Step IT UK leading and growing the team responsible for the UK operations. Before joining 3 Step IT UK he worked as Channel Director for Dell...

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Why IT transformation begins with API integration

Effective IT asset management can bring significant benefits for your business, including cost control, reducing compliance risks and increasing agility. But what should you do first? We believe API integrations are a good place to start. IT asset management can be a boring, repetitive and error-...

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What’s my password again?

After one of the hottest summers on record, it’s back to school for kids and parents alike – the academic year is starting and offices are reopening after their summer breaks. If you’re off to a sticky start and feel like it’s taking you an unusually long time to reboot, rest assured you’re not...

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Overshooting Earth's resources

This year Earth Overshoot Day falls on August 1. It is one day earlier than last year and two weeks earlier than 10 years ago. Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when we (all of humanity) have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year. At the moment we are using 1.7 Earths...

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There are approximately 2 billion PCs in the world. Every minute, hundreds of new smartphones are sold. This burdens our globe. The solution is simple – we need to learn to reuse.

We help your company to keep IT devices in efficient use for as long as possible, and – at the end of their service life – we will provide them a new, meaningful life.


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