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Security It's never just data – minimise the leaks

What number should you always require from your partner? Check it out!

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Responsibility GDPR – what is it and how to prepare?

Learn all you need to know about GDPR. Watch our most popular webinar ever!

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Productivity Could you save more on IT?

IT leasing is the upcoming trend. See how much you could save. Try our calculator.

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Re-birth: See the story of a laptop named Rambo

Your GDPR project is on the way. Have you considered everything?

All of the noise and information on GDPR to date has revolved around data governance and the day-to-day management of data. However, whilst this is undoubtedly important, there’s so much more to GDPR. We’ve built a 3-block check-list , you can use as part of your GDPR preparation. It’s designed to...

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3 Step IT listed as one of the most interesting companies in the circular economy in Finland

Sitra – a fund created for the advancement of Finland’s sustainable well-being – has published its third listing of most interesting Finnish companies in the circular economy. 3 Step IT is again on the list with 97 other companies. With their solutions, the companies on the list show how profitable...

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Is the world finally ready for the circular economy

The 4th industrial revolution is driven by The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and other advanced computing technologies. But what makes this revolution complete is a new attitude towards re-using and re-cycling the IT devices so central to our modern world...

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Optimisation: How much could you save on IT?

Cost optimisation initiatives offer a wide range of potential value. IT hardware is only 20% of the total cost of ownership (TCO). See where different types of savings opportunities arise and calculate how much you could save on IT during the entire lifecycle by using the Cost Optimiser.

There are approximately 2 000 000 000 PCs in the world. Every minute, hundreds of new smart-phones are sold. There is only one answer: we need to learn how to recycle. 3 Step IT is in the forefront of circular economy.

We help your company to keep IT devices in efficient use for as long as possible, and – at the end of their service life – we will provide them a new, meaningful life, meaningful life.

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