Advancing the circular IT – 3 Step IT invests in a new facility


Advancing the circular IT – 3 Step IT invests in a new facility

More and more companies are aware that refurbishment improves possibilities for secure IT reuse and recycling. Failing to manage data securely can cause serious damage to an organisation. When previously old computers were left lying around in offices, now we understand the security risk they pose.

To speed up the reuse of IT devices, 3 Step IT has opened a new facility in Vantaa, Finland. In the refurbishing facilities data is securely erased, devices are cleaned and tested, and then they are resold. The new facility doubles the refurbishment capacity of the Finnish centre from 200 000 to 400 000.

”The new facility enables us to reduce the amount of e-waste significantly. It is also a very secure way to manage your IT assets", says Marko Tarkiainen, country manager for Finland.

Interest in the circular IT grows

The biggest market for used IT equipment is in Central Europe, but the market is growing also in the Nordic countries. Buying a refurbished computer is not only ecological, but also economical: a 3-year-old laptop is only a margin of the price for a new one.

3 Step IT has continued its growth in the global market. In addition to Finland, it has refurbishment centres in Sweden, Norway, Malaysia and the UK.

More information:
Marko Tarkiainen, Country manager, Finland
+358 45 892 6901

Suvi Aaltonen, Communications manager
+ 358 40 570 7179

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