Taking our customers’ pulse


Taking our customers’ pulse

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of our business. Feedback shows us where we are succeeding, and where we need to do better. 

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Customer feedback helps us to continually improve our services, so I offer my sincere thanks to all our customers who take the time to answer our customer surveys.

Mostly our customer surveys are done at the beginning of our relationship, and later when we have some kind of lease activity. It’s a continuous process, and we try to ensure we ask for feedback once a year to our customers’ ongoing concerns.

Previous surveys showed us we needed to improve the practicalities of device collection, so we took action. Now the survey shows that while we have improved, we need to do better still.

On the other hand, most of our customers are happy with our customer service – we intend to keep up the good work!

The latest survey, this fall, asked for better interfaces and improved usability of our lease asset tools. That has been a major development focus for us this year, and customers will see the benefits early in 2019.

Sustainability is a buying criterion

We started doing the new customer survey 2 years ago. While it has shown consistent and high levels of satisfaction, attitudes to sustainability have evolved. Each time we run the survey, a higher proportion of customers say sustainability is one of the reasons they chose our services.

We are maintaining this focus, so we provide our services in the most sustainable way possible, and we will publish the progress made in our next sustainability report.

On behalf of the 3 Step IT team, thank you.

Jason Skidmore