Walk the Talk


Walk the Talk

We see it in our everyday lives, on the news, in the papers and on ¨the social media.

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The practises human race built over time, manufacturing new products and developing our world of consumption have resulted in a dying planet. The culture and habits of the planet’s people have such a dramatic effect on the environment, nature and animals, that there is great reason to doubt a sustainable future.

From bad practises in product disposal to unhealthy processes, over-usage of products to under education of issues.

We ALL can make a difference – and there’s no time to wait – action must be taken now.

Sustainability at company core

At 3 Step IT, since the beginning, we believed in the welfare of our community, its surroundings and its future. 20 years ago, we were a local start up, and now we have hundreds of employees across the globe – still we share the same attitude.

By our very nature, our company holds at its core the principles of sustainability and the circular economy.

We can do more

In September, we started a campaign for the whole 3 Step IT group. In Walk the Talk we will see what impact changing our daily routines and actions will have. For a month, we have pledged to do things differently: from cycling to work, to eating homemade lunches, to collecting rubbish and using reusable materials. And the list goes on.

And what do we hope to see? Less CO2 emissions, waste reduction, smaller piles of rubbish and maybe some education for our environments. Maybe we will see a permanent change and manage to challenge other organisations to follow our steps?

We have to make a difference – the future is brighter if we try.

Why not try a small change in your life? Follow our commitment with #3StepChallenge and #DailyCircular.

And you can read more about 3 Step IT’s sustainable way of doing business here >>>