Walking the Talk

Every action counts


Walking the Talk - Every action counts

3 Step It published it’s first sustainability report in May. The report was a result of us constantly looking for ways to improve our processes, and to become more efficient whilst minimising our environmental impact.

In October we stepped up the game (pun intended)  in all our country teams to act more sustainably and spread the good word in our environment.

From sharing economy to recycling

So what did we accomplish in the month long challenge?

Together we have for example organised two flea markets, set up a shared office library, collected donations for an animal rescue centre, gone plogging, launched a foodie week and carried out a number of recycling initiatives at our offices.

In an internal competition our teams have taken initiative and set up one time events and permanent practises in their offices. 3Steppers have made an effort to make a difference.

With the new IPCC report calling for immediate action to limit global warming to 1.5ºC, some have opinioned that without all governments and actors behind the actions, all actions are futile. However, now more than ever, every action and every person counts. Small changes turn into big differences.

What we learned from our campaign is the individual’s power to influence and that a good message multiplies. But what we really take from here are the permanent changes to our practises, whether within the office or as people leading everyday lives.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. As our CEO Carmen Ene puts it: “Sustainability applies not only to what we do, but also to how we do it.”