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Once you have upgraded your IT products, such as laptops, screens, or servers, the job is done and  everything is taken care of. The old PCs, clunky mobiles and worn-out printers are shoved into a warehouse to gather dust. 


What we do not always realise is that, apart from dust, the products may contain everything from private financial information to sensitive corporate data that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. 


Scrapping old equipment can be expensive. It is an unforeseen cost not accounted for in the IT budget. Or, you could ask us to make you an offer.


At 3stepIT we collect and process your old IT equipment. Regardless of whether your equipment is owned by you or you have leased products from us or a third party, we make sure to process it in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner. 


We reuse IT equipment

Once we have collected your equipment, we test it to see whether it is possible to sell it on to approved buyers. 95 % of all equipment we receive is re-used and the remaining 5% is recycled.


Peder Necander has worked with processing companies’ and organisations’ old IT equipment for ten years and has seen drastic development in the area. 


Why should companies re-use their old IT equipment?

“There are many reasons for companies to return IT products which are no longer used. From a corporate perspective, anonymisation and secure erasure are by far the two most important issues. But it is also a matter of taking responsibility for the world we live in and being a role model for future generations. We are using more and more technology, whilst at the same time the earth’s resources are decreasing and we are not leading the way for future generations by postponing these problems. Every company should therefore think about just how they can contribute to mitigating the throw-away society phenomenon. A good start could be to look at how we handle technology and IT products that are no longer used.”


Do companies often “forget” old IT products, which are just left gathering dust in storage?

“I have worked with used IT products for ten years and I am still surprised by how common it is to find large storage spaces full of computers, mobiles and servers. Many are sitting on a goldmine without even knowing it. I fully understand that there is no time to take care of everything, but just think of the possibilities of having a plan for used IT products; imagine the waste that could be avoided. My best tip is to get help in focusing on what is important for the company or organisation.”    


What do you see in the future development of IT and the handling of IT products?

 “There are two trends in particular that I believe in. I think there will be a continued strong development for storage and servers in virtual environments, but on this journey it is extremely important for companies not to forget the security aspect. At the same time, I think we will realise that we are doing more distance work and becoming increasingly mobile, meaning that a good internet connection will be even more important, and it follows that we work more via mobile phones or tablets.


To take the first step towards utilising your old IT equipment contact us for quote here.

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