Cycling for saves?


Cycling for saves?

Why should you cycle to work, when driving takes you only a half an hour?

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Four factors that make driving to work dangerous

  1. Finland has the world’s cleanest air, according to World Health Organisation. Still, every year I feel devastated by the polluted dust clouds caused by car traffic during winter and spring. The air is so bad in cities and on motorways that you have to close your car’s air-intake to avoid the dust and the bad smell.
  2. My 27km one-way drive to work is typical for a Finn. If I take that drive every day throughout the 200 workdays a year, it totals into more than 10 000km per year. It also means using around 700 litres of fuel, and producing more than 1400kgs of CO2, every year. In addition, just the fuel alone would cost more than 1000 euros, let alone the other driving-related costs.
  3. Even without the dust, fuel spend and CO2 emissions, driving the same route to work and back daily is a bore. Occasional traffic accidents block the way and make the usual half an hour into an hour drive. Driving to work in the early morning means that you cannot use the time for calling anyone. After eight hours in the office, you feel so out of energy that you usually just want to get home as fast as possible. At home, you are so exhausted that you just sink to sofa for the rest of the day.
  4.  I also believe that a big part of road rage incidents happen because people are so sick of driving the same route all the time that even a small nuisance will start to irritate more than it should. Anyone seen the movie Falling Down, 1993, with Michael Douglas?

 Cycling instead of driving makes sense – the results after one year

Cycling to my local office in Tampere is more than just a way to stay in shape – it’s a way to avoid the worst part of my workday, the boring drive to work, while also doing good for the environment. When I cycle to work, I use different routes and avoid traffic even by occasionally picking a slightly longer route.

Earlier, I cycled to work with a standard bike, but felt the effort was too high to be able to do it daily. Winter conditions in Finland make it even harder to maintain the habit throughout the year. So a year ago I figured that an e-bike would make it easier to keep me going throughout the year. Best decision I have ever made.

I record my activities through an app daily, and that allows me to see the statistics for my cycling from a longer period. For a year now, I've replaced unnecessary car driving with an e-bike. After a full year, I've ridden 4300km, which means savings of 568kg CO2 and 300 litres of diesel. I've used around 172 hours on bike, and saved 72 hours of driving.

Think what an effect it would make if 100 000 people would each replace even 500km of driving yearly? That’s only 1,4km a day. Using the numbers in my example, it would mean a total of 50 million km, saving 3,5M litres of fuel, and 1,32M kg CO2 emissions

And that is just a small change that each of us can do.

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