Earth Hour – making a difference


Earth Hour – making a difference

Earth Hour is the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment, inspiring millions of people to protect our planet and nature. The idea behind Earth hour is to make individuals and organisations to take action and make a difference.

Earth Hour banner

This year 3 Step IT is participating in the movement and encouraging all of our employees to join in on Saturday 24 March, 8:30pm for the lights out.

3 Step IT stands behind the Earth Hour movement and has dedicated itself to advancing the circular economy and sustainable way of life. We believe that the future is not in mass producing of more and more goods. The foundation of consumption in a circular economy is the use of services, renting and recycling, instead of owning things. This leads to massive savings in production and for the environment.

3 Step IT and the Earth Hour movement believe in people.
Show your strength and

  • Switch off your lights on Saturday
  • Share your thoughts on the issues that matters to you on your social media platforms with #connect2earth!
  • Participate in your local Earth Hour event. Find out more on what your country is doing at

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