Ending Digital


Ending Digital Inequality

Some of us are technological trendsetters who rush to the store whenever the latest iPhone is launched and have drawers overflowing with old MP3 players, tablets and other digital antiques that used to be high-tech must-haves. Technology drives the world forward, creates endless possibilities and is a daily necessity for the majority of people living in modern societies. Yet, some people don’t even have a laptop to do their schoolwork with.

Digital inequality is a reality for many people. It is especially challenging for those who cannot afford to buy required devices for education or cannot access digital services due to the lack of suitable technology and skills. This often means not being able to attend school or falling behind, which in turn can cause joblessness, poverty and social inequality and social isolation in the future.

Even in Finland, in one of the pioneering technology hubs of the world, where Nokia was born and where the Internet connection is among the fastest, we have the problem of digital and social inequality. Even here, digital skills and tools cannot be taken for granted.

Education is the best tool for fighting social and economic inequality, and gaining a degree often requires digital skills and devices. Having a laptop to help with school work and gaining an education is a necessity to keep up with the ever-accelerating digitalisation of society.

To end the digital divide and give everyone an equal chance to succeed in the technology-driven world, 3 Step IT is participating in Kaikille kone campaign in Finland for the 3rd year in a row. The idea of the campaign is to donate used laptops and tablets to kids and students in need. The campaign makes it possible for students to keep up with school and gain an education, regardless of economic or social background.

Since its initiation in 2017, the Kaikille kone initiative has provided hundreds of Finnish children with access to computers and mobile devices that would have otherwise remained out of their reach - and in doing so, opened new doors to education, employment, and above all, opportunities.

Be part of making a change and give children a chance to succeed by donating your company’s used laptops and tablets. For more information on the campaign and how those based in Finland can donate devices, click here: