Got an idea for a charity day?


Got an idea for a [em]charity day[/em]?

Holiday greetings from 3 Step IT

It is that time of year when we reflect on how well it’s gone. And maybe we pause long enough to think a bit more deeply, and about different aspects of our business: the way we do things is as important as what we do.

So this year we decided to take the charitable thoughts in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and turn them into a reality. We decided that the whole team of 170 people at 3 Step IT Finland should be given an extra paid day to work with a charity. They can use their skills to help whatever charity they choose.

If you have an idea for our charity day, please tell us about it in LinkedIn or Twitter @3StepIT.

Sometimes Corporate Social Responsibility policies appear a bit fuzzy and warm: they are nice to have, but what should an individual employee actually do about it?  We hope that our clear statement will be a catalyst, and inspire our team to help with all the passion and pride they bring to work. And maybe they’ll be inspired to amplify our corporate gesture and get more involved, more consistently, with the charities they choose.

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!