Listening to our


Listening to our customers

We receive the most valuable feedback from our customers regarding how we can improve our business, and we want the voice of our customers to continue influencing our daily operations.

Developing a customer experience is not possible without listening to our customers. That is why we want to invest in getting valuable feedback from our customers to ensure we understand their needs and our knowledge remains up-to-date.

Customer satisfaction surveys are one way to help us deepen our understanding on how our customers value our services and what they expect now and in the future. In 2019, we conducted a comprehensive survey, which gave us great feedback on the quality of our service. We are very proud and honored to say that we are on the right track! We also received insightful feedback to further develop our operations and services, and this feedback is listened to with particular sensitivity.

Our service boosts sustainability

The customer satisfaction survey responses strongly emphasized that our sustainable service model also promotes and enables our customers to operate responsibly and sustainably.

With our lifecycle management model, the IT equipment leased by our customers is returned to us at the end of its lifecycle. The returned equipment is secured at our refurbishing centers, and after that, the processed equipment will find a new owner through our remarketing network. Doing this with 3stepIT allows our customers to reduce their amount of electronic waste and gives the devices a second life.

Moving in the right direction

We are particularly grateful that we received very positive survey feedback on the service mindset, availability and expertise of our team. This is one of the cornerstones of our business and a focus for continuous development, as we want to continue providing our clients with high quality experience and service at every touchpoint.

It is also very important for us to hear that, based on the feedback, our customers trust our operations and service. The asset management system at the core of our service also received a lot of praise, with excellent suggestions for further development of the system.

Our aim is to create great customer experiences. We want our customers to be so satisfied that they are willing to recommend us to others as well. In practice, this means that we achieved a referral index (NPS = Net Promoter Score) of over 50, which is above our target – and an increase from last year. It is great to see that the steps we have taken have led us in the right direction and we have been able to improve our customer experience!

Thank you to everyone who has made - and will continue to make your voice heard!

Johanna Puro-Grönblom, Customer Operations Director, 3stepIT