Towards more sustainable lifestyle:

My new world


My new world

Before I started working for 3 Step IT, I lived a very wasteful life in all forms. My meat consumption found no limits. Eating meat for 5 days in a row wasn’t something strange. Beans and root crops instead of meat? Are you crazy? Definitely no.

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Instead of repairing things, it was easier and more convenient to discard it in the nearest trash bin. A new winter collection from my favorite brand? Perfect, let’s go shopping. I think I need a new winter jacket even though I already have three of them hanging in my closet.

News about climate threats and possible consequences of our linear way of living did not affect my mind at the time. Rising water levels around the world? Couldn’t care less. Bees are dying at an alarming rate? Well, I’m afraid of bees anyway. My selfish way of living had reached new heights. Now, afterwards, it feels like I was living under a rock.

It wasn’t until I visited Klavreström (our Swedish refurbishing centre) things began to happen. Suddenly news about climate threats made me interested and my journey towards a sustainable life began. Here's a list of things I started to do to reduce my climate footprint:

  • Instead of eating meat 5 days a week, I limit it to once a week.
  • Before bedtime I ensure all cables are pulled out of all power outlets
  • Walking or cycling to work
  • Instead of buying a car, which might be worth having if you’re going to IKEA, we use a car pool where we share the same car with several other people
  • I never shower for more than 5 minutes
  • Instead of shampoo that usually contains poisonous substances, I use Aleppo soap. No artificial additives or animal fats have been used in the manufacture of this soap.
  • Sorting stations in our kitchen for plastic, metal, food waste and paper
  • Our old lunchboxes made of plastic are now replaced by boxes made of glass or stainless steel
  • If we have any food or milk that has passed its expiration date, I use my senses (smell, feel and taste) to see if it’s eatable or not. By using our senses, we can reduce the food waste.
  • Donate money to non-profit organizations such as Bee-Urban

The list above is actually longer in reality. Every day I find new tips on how to live more sustainable thanks to Google. To live sustainable, you need to make it easy for yourself. I listened to a podcast where a sustainability manager said "is it cold in your apartment? Make sure you have a warm sweater in the hall that you can take on immediately when you get home". Do you now understand what I mean when I say you have to make it easy for yourself?

Both you and I know it's better for the environment to use what we have, as long as we can. It’s not only 3 Step IT’s refurbishing centers that can extend the life of things anymore. We can too. While sitting here reading this text, the temperature of the earth rises. Which means that our future survival is threatened. I have decided to do my utmost to make sure the next generation can live on this planet just like we do.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn off the lights, reduce your electricity consumption, replace your car with a bike and reuse as much as possible. Looking for a new winter jacket? Go and visit your local second hand store. With small steps you can accomplish big things.