Newsletter 9/2017


Newsletter 9/2017

Circular economy helps us to be both sustainable and profitable

The way we consume today is stressing our planet to the limit. We need ways to produce products and services to sustain the environment. A circular economy builds business by reusing, remaking and recycling old products, so we combine profitability with sustainability to get the best of both worlds. Find out more in our latest blog post.

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Carmen Ene - CEO of 3 Step IT

Carmen Ene spoke at the World Circular Economy Forum

We know that it’s challenging to deliver a more circular economy, so it’s important the change is progressive and coordinated in some way. Our CEO Carmen Ene participated and presented at the first World Circular Economy Forum in June 2017. Click the button below to find out what she had to say.

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3CheckIT helps to monitor your devices' health

We are proud to announce 3CheckIT. This service provides an operational intelligence dashboard: it allows you to spot devices on your network which are not working well and drill down to understand the problem. We introduced 3CheckIT in Finland a year ago, and now we're bringing it to all our countries. You can see what our customer Fira has achieved using the service systematically.

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GDPR and IT lifecycle management

Preparing for the GDPR: being 3 Steps ahead.

3 Step IT invites you to hear and discuss the hot topics around GDPR. What should we all know and do? Learn our five points to consider in GDPR and IT lifecycle management, and join our specialists in discussion.  The webinar will be on 2 November, at 10 CET . We’ll send more details later, meanwhile, save the date and stay tuned!

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