Surfing on the green IT-wave


Surfing on the green IT-wave

Article: Grunde Grimsland. Originally published in Finansavisen on 07 May 2018

An increasing appetite for "green IT" in business and attention surrounding GDPR results in rapid growth for the IT-leasing company 3 Step IT.

The IT-leasing company 3 Step IT, which commemorated 20 years in 2017, was able to celebrate its best results ever. The company had revenue growth of 27% compared with 2016, while the profits increased by 50%.


3 Step IT is able to show strong, steady growth over several years, with a turnover last year of NOK 525.2 million.

- This is due to a current green wave in business, which includes the IT-industry, explains CEO Peer Velde in the Norwegian 3 Step IT.

- The other element is that many companies have become far more concerned with safe deletion of data in regards to the new GDPR-directive.

Norwegian obsession with ownership

- The value of a PC declines as soon as you take it out of the packaging and it quickly falls in value after that. For 20 years, we have argued that it is far more profitable to rent, says Velde.

IT-leasing is the big trend abroad. It is most likely the Norwegian obsession for ownership that has meant that up until now, most people buy their own IT-equipment. The Finnish parent company was founded in Helsinki in 1997, claiming to be the Nordic region's largest supplier of IT-equipment and technology. The company has subsidiaries in the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic countries, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore. The Group has a total of 350 employees and 4000 customers leasing 1.9 million different entities.

Change in Attitude

- With regard to sustainable IT-operations, Norwegian business leaders unfortunately have a long way to go compared to countries with which we like to compare ourselves, explains Inge Raaholt who is responsible for reuse and data security in the company.

He says that only a fraction of all today's PCs are reused, which is something that could help reduce the huge problem of electrical waste in the world. They believe, however, that attitudes among Norwegian leaders are changing in this field.

- More managers have begun to see that the equipment has a reuse value instead of been thrown into a container, especially in terms of finances. Resale of equipment, which is only about two years old, helps to fund the purchase of new equipment.

Green Consultants

- An honorable exception is the major consultancy firms. Green business has been central here for a long time, says Velde. Among them is PwC, which made an agreement with the company last year regarding environmentally-friendly and safe replacement of the IT park. Most things are passed on for reuse.

PwC also utilises the company's management services to get better control and reporting of IT-equipment, which also includes services for safe erasure of data on the old equipment.

The entire 3 Step IT-Group had a total turnover of EUR 609 million in 2016.

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