What’s my password again?

After one of the hottest summers on record, it’s back to school for kids and parents alike – the academic year is starting and offices are reopening after their summer breaks. If you’re off to a sticky start and feel like it’s taking you an unusually long time to reboot, rest assured you’re not alone – or just ask one of the people who’ve tweeted about #backtoworkblues.

Based on empirical studies at our various 3 Step IT locations, symptoms of post-vacation jet lag may include having trouble retrieving the right files from the back of your memory, repeatedly clicking on ‘forgot your password’, and feeling like your brain has been downgraded from Wi-Fi to dial-up within a matter of weeks. While it might take you some time to establish a secure connection, try not to break a sweat. We’ve been assured the lag is temporary and set to smoothen out over the next couple of days.

If you’re running really low on battery, here are a few tricks to help you and your device power up:

  1. Start with a clean slate – empty your desktop of unnecessary files and schedule a decent amount of time for clearing out your inbox. Be ruthless – deal with what’s urgent, flag what’s important, and delete whatever you can.
  2. Check for updates – you were on holiday, so it’s likely your device was too. If your device is acting extra slow, make sure to check that all your software is up to date.
  3. Give your computer a rest – if you came back to the office only to find your computer had been on all summer, now’s the time to turn it off. While you’re at it, why not make it a habit of regularly turning off your device instead of just putting it to sleep?

Remember to be patient – both with yourself and your device. It’s always better to give yourself time to properly reboot than risk freezing the entire system.

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