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Introducing the refreshed 3stepIT brand

08 Oct 2019

Announcement 8th October 2019 Big news! We are proud to announce the launch of our refreshed brand. We loved our old brand but as the world changes, we need to evolve too. Proud of our history, we are respecting our roots and retaining some of our core elements. But we are also bringing in new...

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3 Step IT’s Jarkko Veijalainen Named Businessman of the Year

23 Sep 2019

3 Step IT’s Jarkko Veijalainen Named Businessman of the Year Helsinki, 23rd September 2019 – 3 Step IT ’s founder, owner and Chairman of the Board, Jarkko Veijalainen, has today been named Businessman of the Year by the Finnish Businessmen’s Association. The award ceremony was held at Aalto...

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Stepping up for Sustainability

29 May 2019

At 3 Step IT, we sell sustainable solutions. We build our promises around the circular economy and preach about the CO 2 savings each reused laptop generates. But how environmentally friendly are the daily actions of our employees? 5th of June is World Environment Day and therefore an important day...

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The Story of 3 Step IT

19 Mar 2019

Each company has a story. The story tells us where the company is coming from, who they are and where they are going. This is the story of 3 Step IT. Then Our company was born when two guys had an idea. In 1997 managing and reusing IT equipment was undoubtedly an innovation, and the term circular...

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Changes in 3 Step IT management team

05 Mar 2019

Staffan Wahlström has joined 3 Step IT as Group Chief HR Officer and Riessen Hill has been nominated as the new Chief Operations Officer. Staffan Wahlström is responsible for the group level strategic HR development and is a member of GLT. Staffan has a strong background in several HR roles in...

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Help 3 Step IT to improve its sustainability

20 Feb 2019

While 3 Step IT has won recognition for sustainability, we have pledged to improve year to year. As a part of our practices to improve, we are are asking our customers, employees, partners and investors what aspects of sustainability are important to them and where they would like to see us focus...

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Walking the Talk - Every action counts

19 Dec 2018

3 Step It published it’s first sustainability report in May. The report was a result of us constantly looking for ways to improve our processes, and to become more efficient whilst minimising our environmental impact. In October we stepped up the game (pun intended) in all our country teams to act...

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My new world

23 Oct 2018

Before I started working for 3 Step IT, I lived a very wasteful life in all forms. My meat consumption found no limits. Eating meat for 5 days in a row wasn’t something strange. Beans and root crops instead of meat? Are you crazy? Definitely no. Instead of repairing things, it was easier and more...

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Cycling for saves?

02 Oct 2018

Why should you cycle to work, when driving takes you only a half an hour? Four factors that make driving to work dangerous Finland has the world’s cleanest air , according to World Health Organisation. Still, every year I feel devastated by the polluted dust clouds caused by car traffic during...

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Walk the Talk

02 Oct 2018

We see it in our everyday lives, on the news, in the papers and on ¨the social media. The practises human race built over time, manufacturing new products and developing our world of consumption have resulted in a dying planet. The culture and habits of the planet’s people have such a dramatic...

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