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Sustainability Report 2019 published

04 Jun 2020

In 2019, 3stepIT prevented more than half a million devices from being dumped or destroyed. By giving their devices a second life, our customers halved their electronic waste (e-waste) and reduced related carbon emissions by 36%. It is a record we are incredibly proud of, and this World Environment...

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3stepIT receives circular economy recognition from Sitra and Excellence Finland

23 Oct 2019

Focused on IT device lifecycle management, 3stepIT receives a joint recognition for circular economy from The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, and the Finnish Quality Association, Excellence Finland. The recognition was given to 3stepIT for its work as a long-term pioneer for a more carbon-neutral...

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Circular economy 101

20 Sep 2019

The words ‘Circular economy’ have been on the lips of every company from Adidas to IKEA for a good while now. Everyone wants to jump on the circular economy bandwagon by shouting about sustainability targets and buzzing about zero waste solutions. And it’s no wonder: the circular economy is indeed...

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Trash expedition – a company event that matters

04 Sep 2019

We consume more resources than we have available, we don’t recycle them adequately, and we generally throw out far too many useful things. But much of our waste doesn’t get recycled, or create landfill. Sadly, a lot of the trash we throw out ends up directly in nature: in hedges, on the streets and...

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Ending Digital Inequality

13 Aug 2019

Some of us are technological trendsetters who rush to the store whenever the latest iPhone is launched and have drawers overflowing with old MP3 players, tablets and other digital antiques that used to be high-tech must-haves. Technology drives the world forward, creates endless possibilities and...

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We have wasted the Earth’s resources

29 Jul 2019

Rember July 29th 2019? For many it was just a manic Monday, or maybe the first day back at work after a holiday. But it was also Earth Overshoot Day. This means that we have used more of our planet’s resources than it can renew in one year. We have used more ecological assets than nature can...

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Data security - A vital part of the circular economy

17 Jun 2019

It is no secret that there are major risks associated with data security for companies and organisations. But risks also enable opportunities and with a smooth process for data handling, most things can be completed safely. A relatively easy way to avoid unwanted risks is through the circular...

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Reusing smartphones - Sustainable actions

10 Jun 2019

A study by McMaster University in Canada shows that less than 1% of all smartphones are being recycled , a frighteningly low figure given the environmental impact that manufacturing and purchasing new phones have. In addition, it appears in the report that producing a new smartphone uses as much...

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Sustainability report 2018

04 Jun 2019

It is World Environment Day today. Its spirit of making it personal resonates with our own commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment, so we have released our latest annual Sustainability Report to coincide . In this report, we announce that in 2018, we successfully refurbished and...

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Stepping up for Sustainability

29 May 2019

At 3 Step IT, we sell sustainable solutions. We build our promises around the circular economy and preach about the CO 2 savings each reused laptop generates. But how environmentally friendly are the daily actions of our employees? 5th of June is World Environment Day and therefore an important day...

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