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Professional services firms can improve cash flow with IT leasing

14 Nov 2016

Are tax, VAT bills and Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) putting cash flow pressures on your business? The answer could lie in the way you finance your IT. Over the last few years we have talked about the clear blue water between the Top 10 firms and the rest of the sector. This has grown to...

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New sales productivity tool used in Norway

08 Jun 2016

Car journey times vary: sometimes it can be quick, at other times held up by traffic. When the journey time is unpredictable, you have to allow for a possible delay, so you need to leave early to be sure to arrive on time. Now we’ve found travel time on a bike is usually faster than for short...

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3 Step IT is expanding in Finland

12 Apr 2016

Press release April 12, 2016 3 Step IT, which specialises in IT leasing, asset management and the resale of used IT equipment, has appointed Marko Tarkiainen as the new Managing Director of 3 Step IT Finland. Tarkiainen’s mission will be to further expand the company’s service offering. He returns...

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Circular Economy – Deriving Value from Sustainable IT

01 Apr 2016

“When I started in the IT financing industry the objective was relatively straight forward: to help clients acquire IT equipment while conserving cash and lines of credit, and managing a balance sheet. But we have moved on from the mainframe in the machine room: now the CIO manages a vast array of...

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Bad tools make work tough and slow

01 Mar 2016

We conducted a survey to identify the attitudes of Finnish IT leaders towards the phenomenon of consumerisation. The term means that people use their own tablets and smartphones for work and demand that their employer offers similar equipment. The results indicated that many companies regard...

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3 Step IT: the only workplace in Finland to be ranked in the Great Place to Work listing every year for the past ten years

14 Feb 2016

Investing in employee well-being at work is not an easy task, but it is well worth the effort, especially when the motivation comes from a genuine desire to improve the employees’ lives. At Great Place to Work award ceremony 2016, 3 Step IT was officially recognised as being one of the best...

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The circular economy: A leasing opportunity

07 Feb 2016

With the exception of a few sociopaths, we all believe we care about the future of the planet. From there, opinions on what to do about it diverge. Probably though, we’d all agree that recycling was a ‘good thing’. It should reduce raw material extraction and processing costs; it should reduce land...

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3 Step IT is the best sales organization in Finland

01 Feb 2016

Last week, 3 Step IT was chosen as the best sales organization in Finland. It were the customers who entered 3 Step IT into the competition. Customer feedback has been positive: “3 Step IT sales and service work seamlessly together. We have found a successful partner with a win-win attitude. 3 Step...

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Carmen Ene: IT leasing industry needs to innovate to add value with services

05 Jan 2016

Carmen Ene’s career saw her lead IBM Global Financing in Europe, then running IBM’s risk analytics services business. She then became CEO of 3 Step IT, a Finnish-based financing company – from industry giant to fledgling. Six months later, she outlines the changes in leasing and financing to Brian...

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Got an idea for a charity day?

15 Dec 2015

It is that time of year when we reflect on how well it’s gone. And maybe we pause long enough to think a bit more deeply, and about different aspects of our business: the way we do things is as important as what we do. So this year we decided to take the charitable thoughts in our Corporate Social...

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