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3 Step IT Group Announces 14.5% EBITDA Growth in Milestone Financial Year

24 Apr 2019

24 April 2019 3 Step IT , announced an operating profit of €24.5 million in the company annual report, published today. Achieving 14.5% EBITDA growth over the course of 2018, the company also grew revenue by 11% to €675.8 million in 2018. The 3 Step IT remarketing business contributed to this...

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Best sustainable IT finance in Europe

11 Apr 2019

3 Step IT has been awarded for Best Sustainable IT Finance 2019 by CFI (Capital Finance International). Here is what the judges said, in their summary: "Finnish company 3 Step IT has made sustainability the cornerstone of its enterprise, with every employee subscribing to the corporate ethos: what’...

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The real costs behind technology production

10 Apr 2019

More than 2.5 billion people worldwide use smartphones. They are with us everywhere and they help us with most things - they are smart phones after all. But how smart are the production lines? What does it cost to produce a smartphone? Several of the raw materials used in the production of...

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The Story of 3 Step IT

19 Mar 2019

Each company has a story. The story tells us where the company is coming from, who they are and where they are going. This is the story of 3 Step IT. Then Our company was born when two guys had an idea. In 1997 managing and reusing IT equipment was undoubtedly an innovation, and the term circular...

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What A Waste: how old tech harms your sustainability

11 Mar 2019

Be honest: how many old mobile phones have you got in your bedside drawer, thrown in there the moment you unboxed a new one? And is there a crumbly old laptop lurking under your bed? Whether at work or at home, we all end up with old devices that need replacing because they’re slow and unreliable,...

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The importance of celebrating women in the industry

08 Mar 2019

The Importance of celebrating women in the industry Here at 3 Step IT, International Women’s Day is an important date in the diary. Celebrating the accomplishments of women everywhere - not only today, but throughout history - is something we try to do on a regular basis. Being able to feel...

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Changes in 3 Step IT management team

05 Mar 2019

Staffan Wahlström has joined 3 Step IT as Group Chief HR Officer and Riessen Hill has been nominated as the new Chief Operations Officer. Staffan Wahlström is responsible for the group level strategic HR development and is a member of GLT. Staffan has a strong background in several HR roles in...

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Fighting the security war with an infrastructure upgrade

26 Feb 2019

Data security is an issue that surrounds our work and our personal lives every single day. I guess I’ve always known that, but it only really sank in recently, when I was the victim of a breach of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduced by the European Union earlier this year...

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3 Step IT joins forces with BNP Paribas to create a strategic alliance

20 Feb 2019

3 Step IT and BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions have announced an agreement to create a European strategic alliance: a joint venture company in Western Europe, and a partnership to serve their international customers with Nordic offices. This alliance will be effective in the 20* European countries...

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Help 3 Step IT to improve its sustainability

20 Feb 2019

While 3 Step IT has won recognition for sustainability, we have pledged to improve year to year. As a part of our practices to improve, we are are asking our customers, employees, partners and investors what aspects of sustainability are important to them and where they would like to see us focus...

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