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What leasing companies can learn from the IT industry

What leasing companies can learn from the IT industry I’ve been following some interesting discussions around two fundamental questions: ‘Why does leasing exist?’ and ‘What is the future of leasing?’. One of the most interesting discussions took place at the Leaseurope CEO council, where industry...

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Always eco-friendly and close to people

Jarkko Veijalainen and Marko Sjöman founded 3 Step IT in 1997. Their dream has grown into a strong international success. Jarkko has previously written of the attitude required for growth. Now we asked Marko to reminisce on 3 Step IT’s 15 years of history and share his experiences of building a...

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Leasing as a product has no future

Leasing is often considered to be a stagnant, conservative industry. Due to the industry’s relatively poor image, a number of leasing companies have had problems attracting new employees who can think innovatively. As employees are by far the most important resource in our industry, I have often...

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Openness can transform IT leasing

IT leasing has often suffered from a bad reputation primarily because of poor customer experience at the end of the lease period. Complex processes, ineffective end-of-lease communication, and a lack of effective logistics channels on the lessors side too often result in customers being left...

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