Circular Economy -

deriving value from sustainable IT


Circular Economy – Deriving Value from Sustainable IT

“When I started in the IT financing industry the objective was relatively straight forward: to help clients acquire IT equipment while conserving cash and lines of credit, and managing a balance sheet. But we have moved on from the mainframe in the machine room: now the CIO manages a vast array of devices to support the IT infrastructure, and data is stored in the cloud. Businesses and other organisations may use thousands of PCs and tens of thousands of smartphones, and the Internet of Things is leading to a further huge increase in the number of devices.

The service that we provide our clients has evolved to enable this radical change in the environment. Now clients are expecting us to help manage the acquisition, use and disposal of their devices, and to do this in a way that protects their data and facilitates sustainable reuse or disposal in a world where environmental considerations are more important than ever.

Viewed from this perspective, we have become an enabler of the circular economy. This new industrial vision offers dramatic benefits to us all, but there are some practical barriers. The idea is simple: optimise the use of assets first time around, then reuse, and finally recycle. Having a third party responsible for asset ownership through all these cycles removes many of the difficulties inherent in this process, making the benefits more accessible to our clients. This white paper is the first in a series that will explore aspects of the circular economy and how 3 Step IT’s business model will help realise its full potential.” –

Carmen Ene,
3 Step IT, CEO

Download and read more from 3 Step IT´s Circular Economy whitepaper.